• Soundcheck0:58
  • Old Chanoanon River0:58
  • Zwergelgarten0:58
  • Workin' For Peanuts0:58
  • Idols Across The Sand0:58
  • Sleepwalk0:58
  • Track 20:58
  • I Was There0:58
  • Catalina0:58
  • Tronar Los Dedos0:58
  • Playa Del Rey0:58

Soundcheck          $10

  • Bldg 550:58
  • Chicken Fingers0:54
  • Cottage City Firehouse0:58
  • Redshift 6.40:58
  • Siezenheimer Strasse 90:58
  • Shelby & Puppy0:58
  • The Long Way Home0:58
  • The Hudson Strut0:58
  • Tequila0:58
  • Sling Shot0:58

Soundcheck/Cottage City Firehouse Combo         $15

Premier Guitar Magazine  

How many musicians can boast a career ranging from multiple TV appearances including The Tonight Show and Super Bowl XXXVIII to sharing the stage with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Willie Nelson?  Very few indeed, but Nashville guitar sensation Rich Eckhardt is one of the chosen elite who can claim all of the above and much, much more.                            


All songs are 0:58 second samples only.

Cottage City Firehouse   $10

Detroit Music Notes...
Rich Eckhardt is no stranger to diversity. Playing styles from rock and roll to country and playing with legends such as Ted Nugent and Toby Keith his guitar work and the complexity of his playing is intriguing.

Nashville Musicians Monthly Magazine

Eckhardt emerges as a visionary with a compositional sense; and the resulting musicianship and performances mirror the emotional input derived from this guitarist's very heart and soul. He's Cool!


20th Century Guitar Magazine     

Rich Eckhardt finally gets to cut loose and showcase his guitar abilities and overall talents as a fine solo artist in his own right.



Cottage City Firehouse

Wood & Steel Magazine
Rich is an artist with a lot to say- No lyrics necessary.