Feel free to message me if you have any questions about my gear or how I'm running it.

My rack lives back stage and is loaded with 2 Budda Superdrive 30's, A Shure UR4D+Dual Wireless, Roland GP-8, TC Electronic G Major II, Dunlop Cry Baby Rack Wah, Digitech Valve FX and 2 Furman power conditioners.

The guitars I use on the road are (from front to back) My US Masters Flag Super T (with a hip shot for quick drop D tuning) My Blue US Masters Super T (set for Drop D tuning) for the Country stuff,  My custom designed PRS Camo/Flag McCarty, My Gibson Les Paul Standard for the Rockin’ stuff, a Jerry Jones 6 String Bass and a Taylor 610 Acoustic

My Kustom 4x12 Cabinet is loaded with Celestian vintage 30's, split for stereo and mic’d Left and Right

My pedal board is a Roland FC-100 MIDI controler, 2 EV-5 Expression pedals (one for volume and one for effects) A Cry Baby Wah, and Boss TC Electronics Poly tune Tuner