My pedal board is a Roland FC-100 MIDI controler, 2 EV-5 Expression pedals (one for volume and one for effects) A Cry Baby Wah, and Boss TC Electronics Poly tune Tuner

The guitars I use on the road are (from front to back) My US Masters Flag Super T (with a hip shot for quick drop D tuning) My Blue US Masters Super T (set for Drop D tuning) for the Country stuff,  My custom designed PRS Camo/Flag McCarty, My Gibson Les Paul Standard for the Rockin’ stuff, a Jerry Jones 6 String Bass and a Taylor 610 Acoustic

My rack lives back stage and is loaded with 2 Budda Superdrive 30's, A Shure UR4D+Dual Wireless, Roland GP-8, TC Electronic G Major II, Dunlop Cry Baby Rack Wah, Digitech Valve FX and 2 Furman power conditioners.

My Kustom 4x12 Cabinet is loaded with Celestian vintage 30's, split for stereo and mic’d Left and Right

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about my gear or how I'm running it.