• Rich Eckhardt is the lead guitarist for Country super-star Toby Keith.
  • He has performed in nearly every major concert venue in the world and has also played on Grammy winning and multi-platinum albums.
  • Ted Nugent listed him among the top of his favorite players list.
  • Rich has two critically acclaimed solo CD’s Soundcheck (2005) and Cottage City Firehouse (2009)

10.31.17 Rich will be in the studio mid November producing Baltimore area singer Charles Parker's next 2 Country radio releases.  Over Thanksgiving he will be producing DC area musician Adrian Thomas on his debut Country single.

9.12.17 Rich is currently producing an EP for Swedish singer/songwriter Susanne Hellström.  Tracking begins September 13th.  A release date has not yet been set.  You can follow Susanne and hear her music at http://www.whippoorwill.se

1.25.17 Rich played the 2017 presidential inauguration with Toby Keith.  It was a great honor as an American to be a part of the proceedings.  This marks the 5th president he has performed for in his career. 

Rich has been Toby Keith's lead guitarist for 19 years.   



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