Rich has been Toby Keith's lead guitarist for 19 years.  Rich also performs with Shane Owens in between Toby dates.  Check the tour dates page for his schedule. 

Nov 30 2016

Listen or watch for me with Shane Owens on WSM's Bill Cody show Tuesday December 6th 8:30 central

Nov 12 2016

Rich will be releasing his brand new arrangement of the Christmas classic "Away In A Manger" to Country radio the week of Thanksgiving.  Be sure to call your radio station to request it!

  • Rich Eckhardt is the lead guitarist for Country super-star Toby Keith.
  • He has performed in nearly every major concert venue in the world and has also played on Grammy winning and multi-platinum albums.
  • Ted Nugent listed him among the top of his favorite players list.
  • Rich has two critically acclaimed solo CD’s Soundcheck (2005) and Cottage City Firehouse (2009)


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