• Rich Eckhardt is the lead guitarist for Country super-star Toby Keith.
  • He has performed in nearly every major concert venue in the world and has also played on Grammy winning and multi-platinum albums.
  • Ted Nugent listed him among the top of his favorite players list.
  • Rich has two critically acclaimed solo CD’s Soundcheck (2005) and Cottage City Firehouse (2009)

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Another incredible year out with Toby Keith comes to an end! Thank you Toby and Easy Money Band for being the best I could ever ask to tour with. Thanks to Toby’s crew for all the hard work. Thank you fans for your continued support and packing houses across the country or we couldn’t keep doing this. Thank you D’Addario Strings, PRS Guitars, Budda Amps, Furious Slides, Takemine Guitars, Boss Electronics and Eminence Speakers for making cool gear that makes me sound good!! Looking forward to another great tour next season!!


Check out Rich's Podcast with Craig Garber for Everyone Loves Guitar.  You can find it at https://www.everyonelovesguitar.com .  This is a very intimate interview covering everything from Rich's early years as a guitarist, his stint on the hit television show Nashville to how he first met Toby Keith.  Be sure to go to the Everyone Loves Guitar website and find Rich's latest interview.